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I have to warn everyone who works in buildings all over the world.  If you have a snack machine, it will at some point become an "Evil Snack Machine". 

To Demonstrate the Evilness of my buildings machine:

One day last week, I was staring at my computer screen, trying to look busy.   Suddenly, like white cat hairs on black pants,  I was lured by whispers of chocolatey promises and salty goodness.  I quickly dug my wallet out of my purse and pulled out as much silver change as I could.  I make my way down stairs to snag me a diet Dr. Pepper and a candy bar (the diet counteracts the sugar in the candybar) and low and behold I see the mother of all chips staring me in the face.  Blackpepper Jack Cheese Doritos!  As the drool ran down my chin, I pumped my quarters in as fast as the machine would take them.  Slowly the silver coil holding the 3 remaining bags of chips, moves and my chips inch forward.  But WAIT! It doesn't drop.  The machine groans in protest.  The silver coil begins to move again.  The second bag is now moving forward too but still no droppage.  So I crane my neck to see what is keeping my spicy cheddary goodness from falling and I notice that the bags are stuck together.  The machine groans again.  This time the third and final bag begins to move and much to my delight, I see all 3 bags drop.  I slip my hand into the narrow mouth of the machine and try carefully to remove each bag, one at a time as to not crush them.   

You see, the machine is evil.   Even though I gave the 2 extra bags away to my co-workers, the intent was still there.  I was pure evil staring me in the face.  Laughing at my inability to supress the urge to eat.    

Now that the New Year has begun, I am now on a healthy eating trend in hopes of losing the chocolate, caramel, and salt buildup that has appeared out of no-where... for the last 5 years...

I have resisted tempation now for 4 hours and 16 minutes.




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