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Unsung Heroes of Fandom Appreciation Week-March 13-20: Acknowledge your beta readers, your icon makers, your incredible feedbackers, etc! The people who so rarely get attention despite the amazing contribution they make to our fandom!!

There are just too many icon makers out there for me to individually recognize, so I'm only going to mention the ones who seem to inspire me to make my own icons. 

[personal profile] vampkiss  is an icon genius.  She has a wonderful eye at graphics.  She picks colors and caps that make you see a picture or a scene (that you may have looked at a million times) and see it like you have never seen it before.  That is a talent that is limited to just a few number of icon makers.  

[profile] awmp  is my tutorial guru.  I've learned alot about layers and such by doing her tutorials. She has some of the best variations in her work.  She can go from comicbook style icons to dreamy to very edgy and they all look wonderful.  She has a great eye for blending layers.... plus she gives us nice nekkid spike icons. :)

[profile] eyesthatslay is the queen of icon making in my book.  She doesn't limit herself to the buffy fandom when she makes her gorgeous seasonal and holiday icons.  She has a sense of humor in her icons that is uniquely her own.  I've yet to find anyone else who's icons make me smile or laugh as much as hers do.  I love her Pride And Prejudice Icons. ;)

[profile] ducky_dork  is the graphic goddess on LJ.  I think I use more of her brushes, gradients and light effects than any other artist on LJ.  I don't even have her friended but I do fly by her journal now and then to see what new wonderful tools she has cooked up.  I'm an avid fan of her website which has some terrific brushes for banners. 

More to come tomorrow.



OH! And lookey what I got Image hosted by Photobucket.com Squeee! I got second place. *grins*


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