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Damn I had the best time!  I didn't get a lapdance from Tyler but I got 2 from ParisLee and 1 from a boy named Taylor from Dallas!  AND our waiter was fine AND he gave me his number! LOL 

I'm in love with naked men. Good Lord.  That place is going to drive me to bankruptsy.  I spent way too much money on pretty men and now I have a hang over headache starting.  LOL   My Dallas man told me to go to Dallas to see him at the LaBare there.  He suggested I follow him home. LOL  Those guys really know how to work a girl over for her money.  I did give Tyler 2 bucks in his Banana Hammack and got to rub my hands all over his thick tight big body and I gave Mr. Red Drawers a buck.  I think I stuffed dollars in about 6 different guys panties before the night was over.  Some got stuffed 2 or 3 times.  See, I found the secret is to go really early, like 7:30PM and sit at a table right up against stage 3 and you get much more attention. LOL 

Have to say, I promised Noel, my gorgeous waiter and ParisLee that I'd be back next Friday, but Geez! I don't think I can afford it. Have to wait until Tristan will be there from Dallas in 2 weeks.

DAMN!  Zarrah!  Red!  You girls gotta come visit me again!  I can smell Noel on me.    LOL      He smelled damn good!




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