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This is my pre-con report.  All that fun stuff leading up to the convention.


9:30 AM
Picked Zarrah up at the airport.  Poor girl had been sitting there for a good 35 minutes because her plane came in 30 minutes early.  Immediately my Texas accent goes into overdrive because I’m now speaking with someone who has a stronger accent than my own.  What the hell.  No one cares what my real accent sounds like anyway. LOL

We went and ate a really greasy breakfast at the Kettle restaurant and then headed out to look for a liquor store to buy some booze for the weekend.   I know the area pretty well but liquor stores are not something I frequent so, I had no idea where the closest one would be.  We finally found one after about 20 minutes of driving.  She picked out a little bottle of Bacardi gold and we headed back to go pick up redbytrade at the airport. 

We waited in the baggage claim area for RBT to come in and I noticed that airports are probably one of the best places to people watch.  We watched an old man walk around nervously with a dozen roses.  It seemed as if he was waiting for his sweetheart to arrive from being away far too long.  But then again, he could very well have been waiting for his young lover Pepe from Spain.  Hehe.  You never know.

Redbytrade finally arrived and we headed off to the hotel so we could check in.  Check in wasn’t ready yet so we went out to the passenger pick up and drop off area in front of the hotel.  We encountered our very first question of “Are you with the Buffy Convention?”  This came from a very sweet girl from Spain named Alicia.   We talked to her for a little while and finally were able to check in. 

We decided to go eat at Mamacitas Mexican Restaurant because I had a $50 gift card. It was really crowded and the food was fairly good.  Then we headed back to the hotel to see if anything interesting was going on.   We ended up back in front of the hotel  (they had benches to sit on out there).  We got asked by 2 more people “Are you with the Buffy Convention?”  It started to become funny.  I began to wonder if maybe I had Buffy tattooed on my forehead. LOL  We finally ended up in our home away from home “Basils Tavern”.    This is the name of the hotels bar and we spent a majority of our spare con time there.  We ended up having Carmilla and Scooter join us.  Then along came our new friend Alicia from Spain.   We laughed so loud and so often that most people in the bar couldn’t help but stare.  After staring at us for about an hour, an older man sitting in the bar came over and asked “Are you girls with that Buffy convention?”  
We had just told the other girls how funny it was and how we were now keeping a tally for the number of times we get asked that very question.   By the time he got the last word out, we were all laughing so hard that the poor guy just shook his head and said “You ladies sure seem to be having a good time.”  He didn’t get a response from us except continued laughter, so he moseyed on out of the bar.  I think the days topic of laughter and this goes for most of the weekend too was about one of the 5 following topics: 

  1. bad fanfic term:  Furr Taco
  2. bad fanfic term: puckered flower
  3. "Are you with the Buffy Convention?"
  4. Naked cowboys
  5. various psycho fangirls 

We ended up going to bed around midnight or 1AM. Not sure what time it was exactly.  I do know I went up early because my lips were already going numb which is a sign that I’ve had waaay too much to drink.

We all three got up and around pretty early.  Zarrah was not a happy camper from being up so early. LOL  We went and ate breakfast and then went to wallgreens in hopes of getting me some headache medicine.   When we were leaving, Zarrah found a $100 bill by the tire of my car.  She then saw a $20 bill.  Then we noticed that there was money floating across the parking lot.  After chasing this said money down, we  waited around to see if anyone was looking for it or if perhaps someone would come out of the store.  No one ever came so we left.  Zarrah ended up with $120, Redbytrade ended up with $120 and I had $30.   The money fairy must of dropped it.  But it came in handy for the entertainment we had planned for later that night.
I believe we got asked a couple more time if we were with the Buffy Convention. LOL 
We pretty much sat around most of the day until it was time to go out. 

9:00 PM  -    La Bare - Americas #1 Ladies Club
After a month of hearing these two girls talk about wanting to see some real cowboys while they are here, I came up with a clever idea.  Not only will I show them cowboys... I'll show them cowboys that strip! LOL
Naked Cowboys... *thud*
This club has been in Houston for 20 years or so and it provides some harmless drooling/fun because the men that strip don't go completely nude.  They strip down to their... *ahem* cock-slinging bikini's.
We get in the club and the host guy talked Zarrah into buying a party package which would give us a table in front of the stage and a free table dance from the guy of her choice.
My view of how things went.
Zarrah and RBT sat in the 2 chairs facing the stage and the first guy comes out... "Julien" I believe was the first dancer.  They were just kinda like "whatever"  Then he stripped and started shaking it all over the place and they both kept turning their faces around embarrassed. Trying to not to look.  I think initially it was like driving a bad car accident.  You don't want to look but for some reason you just can't help it. 
Several dancers later and several drinks later... They were rushing the stage to stick those dollar bills in the dancers panties.  LOL   It was hilarious.
Zarrah fell in lust over "Tyler" the nekkid cowboy.  This man was HOT. He was so muscled.  The only way I can describe him is "Tyler is a very big Man who has the appearance of being thick with bulging muscles"
He had "Git it done" on the back of his bikini's. LOL
Redbytrade was lusting over "Mr. red-drawers"  (we never caught his name).
Zarrah has a birthday coming up on April 15th, So my early gift to her was a lap dance from "Tyler".
She seemed to rather enjoy that. LOL
Our free table dance was given to redbytrade from "Mr. Red-drawers". 
Here is a pic (sorta) of Tyler

The rest will be up in a day or two.

Date: 4/11/05 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
bwahahaha! You chica's crack me up.

Date: 4/11/05 08:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's hard not to have a good time with those two girls. ;)

Date: 4/11/05 07:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I so DID NOT rush the stage! I walked at a brisk pace.

I see you left out the part where you tried to start a bar fight.

Date: 4/11/05 08:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*rolls eyes* Now, now. We both know that if I was really trying to start a bar fight then there would have been a bar fight. LOL
I just would have cowered under the table because you know that girl may be skinny but she looked like she would bite!
And... yes you did rush the stage! You were just too drunk to remember.
I guess I should include in the next report that you felt the need to scream "Take your clothes off" to every man we drove by on the way back to the hotel. LOL I'm still cracking up over that. Especially when James mentioned (in his Q&A) being yelled at with the very same phrase. LOL
I miss yall.

Date: 4/11/05 07:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

*sigh* He is purdy, aint he? Just LOOK at those shoulders!!! The man is *THICK* [[thud]]

That had to be the BEST weekend in like - forever. SOOO musch fun! Cannot wait to do it again.

And I'll agree with RBT - we walked 'briskly' to the stage. *blushes* No Rushing! LOL There was enough man-meat that no one had to rush. hehee

You forgot to say how RBT was all blushing and hiding her eyes until the 'fireman' came out and she all of a sudden screamed to the top of her lungs. Her 'shyness' was then GONE! LOL I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did right then. Well, maybe when we paid that dude $3 to get molested? There were nips a flying!

Date: 4/11/05 08:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I was too lazy to scan the card myself so I stole your link. LOL Hope you don't mind.

Ahhh, yes. I forgot to mention the fireman. I'll recap the strip club in the next report. I also forgot to tell everyone that yall accused me of being a bad driver & that was out to kill yall all weekend AND that I "supposedly" tried to start a bar fight. OH! and red screaming at all the men we passed on the way back to the hotel. LOL

I have really left out sooo much. LOL

We will definitely have to do this again!
I wasn't going to tell you... I had a dream about YOUR cowboy the other night. *sigh* I was a gooood dream. He wanted to get me done. LOL
I'll have to tell you in YIM about it. It was funny.

Date: 4/12/05 05:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No You Didn't!!!!!!!

Don't be dreaming of MY cowboy!! LMAO HE'S MINE, I tell you, MINE! hehehe

and the bar fight? SO happened! You KNOW you wanted to take her out. *snickers* would have LOVED to see it! hahahhaa

Date: 4/13/05 12:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
SOunds like you had a great time! Can't wait to read more.


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