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First the weird.  Went to a company meeting kicking off a new product today.  It was held at Minute Maid Park (Astro's baseball stadium)  And Guess who gets in the elevator with me going up to the meeting?  An exboyfriend.  What's so weird about that?  He's married now and he stares at me the whole day.  *rolls eyes*  Now I'm thinking "Thank god, I dumped him! Why the hell did I date that guy?" LOL  Sometimes we can't control what our hearts want at the time, huh?

Now the fabulous?  It's still to come.  I'm on may way in about an hour to drool over the fabulous Men Of LeBare!  Yes, I'm becoming a male stripper Ho.  It's wonderful. The great thing about this place, is that you can go and hang out with girlfriends, watch mostly naked men and not be hit on by dirty old men.  What more could you ask for?  Oh... Tyler is going to be dancer number 14 tonight.  That means he'll be the next to the last guy to dance, so guess I'll be out really late. LOL    Gotta get me some of that.  Hi-Ho lapdance!  Wish me luck that I don't chicken out.

Much love and hugs to [ profile] zarrah04 and  [ profile] shasi_maopp. I'll give Tyler and Mr. Red Drawers your love. *wink*  Wish you girls were going to. :(


Date: 5/21/05 05:52 am (UTC)
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i don't even know how to reply to this post. i'm envious and happy all at the same time. i'm in emotional turmoil. lol give mr. red drawers a dollar for me! damn good times, damn good times *shakes head*

Date: 5/21/05 05:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
okay...and your icon just made me laugh! lol


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