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I am about 3/4 of the way through Narcissus in Chains.  I've heard a lot of people complain about this LKH series turning into just purely sex... But lord help me the more sex that's in it, the harder it is to put the damn books down. LOL  I guess I must be pervy that way.  But my whole thinking on the sexual turn of the series (it really gets going in this particular book) is that it is still part of the story.  It relates to how she is changing from that chaste tough girl that had those ideals of marriage before sex and no human deserves to die to now not really caring so much.  But isn't this really about power corrupting the innocent?  The more power she gains the less she cares about her morals and killing.  Hmmm...

I'm making a large icon post in couple days, as soon as the current challenges are through with voting.  They will include, ATS, BTVS, Spike, Spuffy, James, and I think I even have 1 firefly in there. LOL  (I know I said the same thing a couple weeks ago... I lied.)  *cowers*


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As my gift to my fellow LJ friends... If you want to hear the sexiest song by James Marsters to date, I have put it up for down load.  This is a new song on the album called "For What I Need".  He did sing it in concert and it made nearly 200 women spontaneously orgasm at once. LOL   The download is for Windows media player format.  If you haven't ordered the cd, go do it now!

Yes! I was away since last Thursday and I come back to find these:

 from [ profile] eyesthatslay

 from [ profile] ciley

Thank you so much!  It really has made my day and week!  You both know I love your work too right? LOL  Maybe I'll make some belated banners.  (after I get my Houston Convention report up).



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When I came back from my lunch break, I opened the office door and was bombarded with a multitude of tiny "cheeep cheeep, cheeeeeps".  It was hard to disguise the confusion and annoyance on my face as I rounded the corner where the noises were coming from.   There was a customer at the front desk, so I curbed my first reaction to say "What the hell is all that noise?"  Instead I looked at my staff and raised my eyebrows questioningly.  They proceeded to point at a box on one girls desk and as I removed the paper from the top I discovered the cutest little fuzzy baby chick.  I petted its' head and said "Awwww how cute!"  But I began to realize that there were other sounds coming from around the office.  I went to my office and there sat upon my desk, an identicle box (except without a piece of paper covering the top).  I looked inside and lo and behold there was another cute little fuzzy baby chick.   I picked it up and cuddled it as it shook uncontrollably and the tiny baby proceeded to drift off to sleep in the palm of my hand.   The customer finally left and what was my next reaction?


Everyone pointed at the only testosterone driven person in the office.    My office mate George, thought it would be a nice gesture to bring all of us girls a baby chick today for Easter.  

I scowled at him.  "Are you insane?"  I asked him.   I glared at him "I can't take this home.  I have 3 cats and a dog.  And I'm sure there is a city ordinance regarding farm animals..."

He says and I'm quoting this "Well, maybe your cats will eat it.  OR... You can raise it until it gets bigger and cook it."

*turns several shades of green*

You see, if I ever consider where my food comes from before I eat it?  I wouldn't be a fat girl.  I physically feel ill if I think about an actual chicken or cow before I eat one.  I've added all these pounds onto my body over the years not thinking about what my food looked like before it died. 

*shakes head*

Fortunately one of the other girls said she would take mine home with hers.  I asked her if she realized that these cute little babies would grow up to be big ugly chickens.    She says "Well, yeah.   Then you eat them."  

:head desk:

I sat and listened to 5 baby chicks trying to out "cheeep" each other until I thought I was going to pass out from a migrane.  I finally got up, put them all in one box together and now they are sleeping quietly.


Word of advice to everyone on my flist:  "Don't ever give animals as gifts.  They are often looked upon as burdens rather than joys.  A card can mean so much more at a time of celebration."


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We are currently holding a Mothers Day "Spikecentric" Fanfic challenge at Marsters' Mobsters. If you are a member and want to participate, there is a thread set up specifically for the challenge.

Here's the requirements )

Icon post for btvs and ats (and james too) coming this weekend.

*hugs* to everyone on my flist!



3/21/05 09:15 am
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Your James is Simon from Chance

Generally a nice guy, even if he has odour problems

Which James Marsters is for you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Stole from [ profile] spikesloveslave

Dance the night away by karchan85
What you Look like
The MusicThe Music in your Head
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I know I sent ya the Happy Birthday thing from the Mob but I forgot to post it on LJ.

Happy Birthday [profile] pagan_baby !

Hope you had a lovely day filled with lots of cake and prezzies!



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Unsung Heroes of Fandom Appreciation Week-March 13-20: Acknowledge your beta readers, your icon makers, your incredible feedbackers, etc! The people who so rarely get attention despite the amazing contribution they make to our fandom!!

There are just too many icon makers out there for me to individually recognize, so I'm only going to mention the ones who seem to inspire me to make my own icons. 

[personal profile] vampkiss  is an icon genius.  She has a wonderful eye at graphics.  She picks colors and caps that make you see a picture or a scene (that you may have looked at a million times) and see it like you have never seen it before.  That is a talent that is limited to just a few number of icon makers.  

[profile] awmp  is my tutorial guru.  I've learned alot about layers and such by doing her tutorials. She has some of the best variations in her work.  She can go from comicbook style icons to dreamy to very edgy and they all look wonderful.  She has a great eye for blending layers.... plus she gives us nice nekkid spike icons. :)

[profile] eyesthatslay is the queen of icon making in my book.  She doesn't limit herself to the buffy fandom when she makes her gorgeous seasonal and holiday icons.  She has a sense of humor in her icons that is uniquely her own.  I've yet to find anyone else who's icons make me smile or laugh as much as hers do.  I love her Pride And Prejudice Icons. ;)

[profile] ducky_dork  is the graphic goddess on LJ.  I think I use more of her brushes, gradients and light effects than any other artist on LJ.  I don't even have her friended but I do fly by her journal now and then to see what new wonderful tools she has cooked up.  I'm an avid fan of her website which has some terrific brushes for banners. 

More to come tomorrow.



OH! And lookey what I got Image hosted by Squeee! I got second place. *grins*
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I have recently discovered the wonderful world of Icon Challenges.  

It's really bunches of fun and is, as it indicates, a challenge. LOL   I did limit myself to 4 challenge communities because it gets confusing which community requires what for their challenge but I have to say... Wow.  It's a lot of fun!   Even if my icons aren't good enough to win anything, it's still fun to participate and try to come up with something interesting with the parameters that are given for the challenge. 

You don't have to be entered to vote.  So, go support these communities by voting for your favorite icons.

Go vote!


[ profile] _love_icons

[ profile] biteable_icons

[ profile] james_stillness

[ profile] jossversemotion

[ profile] angel_stillness

[ profile] jossicontest

[ profile] bigbadchallenge

[ profile] quotage_icons

[ profile] wes_stillness

I'm not a member and/or not entered for some of these but they are the ones I've found that interest me so far.

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I'm looking for tickets to this show.  If anyone has one to sell or knows someone selling?  Please let me know.

That is all.

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Beautiful banner by [ profile] vampkiss

[ profile] irishrose1 Made it official.
March 6 through March 13
Post to your LJ each day at least one of your favorite fanfic authors and why you love them, their work, and why they need more appreciation.

[personal profile] zarrah04  is one of my favorite 2 authors.  She has a real talent with original characterization that she doesn't even believe she has.  Her Ravyn series is a Spike centric series revolving around him and Zarrah's original character Ravyn.  I absolutely love this series. If you want to read it you can find it at her website Always Forever.   Of course I'm not biased or anything because she's my friend & I love her, but if you want something different to read and want to see Spike with a beautiful vulnerable vampire named Ravyn then go check it out.  Zarrah will be a wonderful original fiction writer and I'm hoping she'll make a go at it and of course... let me read it. *wink*

[ profile] eurydice72  is my other favorite author.  She was the first fanfic author I read that blew my socks off.  I was so impressed with the editing that I emailed her asking who her beta was and she told me that she beta'd the story herself.  (I have issues with reading fanfic with gross errors in it).  I was in aw! I still am.  She has the ability to put you in a totally original setting with a wonderful plot.  I haven't read a story yet that I didn't love.   To read her stories, you can find them at her website Loves Last Glimpse.  Oh and her original fiction kicks ass!  I'm in love with all her original characters.  I'm looking forward to the day she actually gets published.

That's it.  I have other authors I love that are quite good too but haven't written enough yet. They do get my honorable mentions though.  Rogueangel at Marsters Mobsters participated in my Valentines fanfic challenge there and wrote a great story and it was her first story!  [profile] mystd  also gets honorable mention because her stories are really funny and well thought out. 



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As promised, my largest icon post thus far. Some Spike/Dru, Spike/Buffy & William.    Hope yall enjoy it. ;)

Teasers:  26    42

60 icons under the cut )

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"She's Alive!"  Yes, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.  Sorry Sheri.  Thanks for the concern.  I'll send ya an email and some pics from my last trip!  Just been sicker than a dog with some kind of flu virus.  Feeling much better now.

 Hee!  I'm going to London, I'm going to London....  Okay.. enough taunting!  I bought my plane ticket and I'll be an official international traveler at then end of April.  Now if I could just make myself save money for a hotel so I won't have to sleep on a park bench I'll be fine. *winks*

Wanted to share with yall the results of a fun little fic challenge we had at Marsters' Mobsters.

Valentine Fic challenge )

Will be making a rather large icon post for Spike.  Mostly season 7 Buffy and season 5 Angel.  I did make some Spike and dru icons as well for you Spru lovers out there. I should have those posted by Sunday.

Hugs to the Flist.


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2/24/05 09:16 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] destinys_fate !  

Hope you had a day filled with lots of cake and prezzies!


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Hello all!

I'm back from my trek across the midwest and must say that I had the most wonderful time.  It's nice to be able to just kick back and have a laugh with friends.

It looks as if I may be going to London at the end of April.  Cross your fingers for me but as long as I can get the time off work and I can get my passport then I will be off to see Mr. Marsters perform at Coventry, then will tour the area for a couple days then off to London.  Will tour London a couple days and end things with the St. James concert. (I think).  This is a life long dream to travel to Europe so pray or cross your fingers or whatever you do.  I REALLY want to go!

All my love to the Scoobies and to Mr. and Mrs. Spicy and their furry child Chewy.  I miss you all already!

*Hugs* to the Flist. I missed yall too!


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2/14/05 08:05 pm
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Greetings from Omaha, NE!  I'm having a wonderful time with everyone and I'm looking forward to the next leg of the trip by train... Chicago, IL.   Will be heading that way on Wednesday morning and won't be back till Sunday night.

Just wanted to drop a line to say Happy Valentines Day to the f-list.

Hope everyone has had a great day, despite the fact that it is Monday.  *grins*




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Heh! We are having a multitude of Robins in our area and usually they don't flock in until end of March or sometime in April. All of the wildlife seems confused. Unfortunately, the birds are in such a mass quantity that they are covering all of the trees in the neighborhood. Another unfortunate side effect of this is that they have bombed my car so bad that it looks like I have painted my car black and grey. Little sh*ts. On an amusing note, I was sitting on my back patio last Saturday enjoying the not so cold winter day and witnessed something quite humorous. Up on my roof were two squirrels (male & female)chasing each other. How do I know they were male and female? Because the male kept trying to hump her. LOL
They jump into the tree and she's fighting him off of her and he goes flying down to the ground about 12 feet. The little guy was so stunned, he just stood there in shock before he went back to try again...
So the moral of this little story is that even in the animal kingdom? No means No.

I'm leaving on a jet plane... don't know when I'll be back again... )

Well, mis amigas! This will probably be my last post before leaving, so wanted to send out hugs to the flist.
Also wanted to send a shout out to the wonderful people who have friended me recentely:
[ profile] ciley, [ profile] drusplace, [ profile] gamilla & [ profile] spike_vampire.
Welcome to my world! Hope I don't bore you too much!
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Okay... My theme this past week was Chance for the Puzzles I make over at Marsters' Mobsters, so I decided to make a bunch of Icons.  Speaking of Marsters' Mobsters... Registration will be open from February 7th thru February 20th. We've got lots of new and exciting things coming to the board. If you're not a member and you love James Marsters, then go join!  


Teasers: ;     
35 more here )
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I don't quite know how to take this... (gakked from [ profile] eyesthatslay)

click here for the weirdest Meme I've done so far )
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Gakked this from everyone on my flist... Someday I will have a completely red map. *grins*
Don't laugh )
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