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Okay, so this is an assortment of icons I've made over the last 4 months. 

Laurell K. Hamiltons Anita Blake Series:


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Music Album Covers:


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Hope to get some spike icons I made up in the next couple weeks. Just been real busy with working on some web design projects to have much time doing the icon thing. lol Hope everyone is doing well. Please feel free to take any of them you want. Just make sure you leave a comment as to which ones you are taking. :) -Nic


She's alive!

7/26/05 11:36 pm
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Ahhh, LJ.  How neglectful of me. lol

I haven't read anyones journal in over a month, so i'm lost to all the goings on and what nots.  Hopefully I'll catch up or I'll just pretend like I just met yall.  :P

Hope everyone is doing great!  I'm still on my self improvement mode. Still working out, still losing weight.  Still oggling nekkid men.  Speaking of nekkid men, I'm building websites for 2 of them. lol  So all is going pretty good. 

BTW: all my sites for James and icons got deleted due to an ftp problem.  I'm just not in the mood to re-do them. So, they are gone. bye bye. LOL  Who knows, maybe I'll make a new James website.  Hmmm... 

*hugs to the flist*

I do miss yall.


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Wanted to let everyone know that Marsters' Mobsters has opened registration again! If you're not a member, go join!   

Also from the mob is a new fiction challenge with prizes!  Wanna write a Spike fic and possibly win a prize?  Go read the requirements, you have until August to complete your story... I think.  lol

This button will take you to the fiction challenge.

Image hosted by

Hugs to the friendslist... I miss yall and will update with life, icons, and whatever soon.


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Damn I had the best time!  I didn't get a lapdance from Tyler but I got 2 from ParisLee and 1 from a boy named Taylor from Dallas!  AND our waiter was fine AND he gave me his number! LOL 

I'm in love with naked men. Good Lord.  That place is going to drive me to bankruptsy.  I spent way too much money on pretty men and now I have a hang over headache starting.  LOL   My Dallas man told me to go to Dallas to see him at the LaBare there.  He suggested I follow him home. LOL  Those guys really know how to work a girl over for her money.  I did give Tyler 2 bucks in his Banana Hammack and got to rub my hands all over his thick tight big body and I gave Mr. Red Drawers a buck.  I think I stuffed dollars in about 6 different guys panties before the night was over.  Some got stuffed 2 or 3 times.  See, I found the secret is to go really early, like 7:30PM and sit at a table right up against stage 3 and you get much more attention. LOL 

Have to say, I promised Noel, my gorgeous waiter and ParisLee that I'd be back next Friday, but Geez! I don't think I can afford it. Have to wait until Tristan will be there from Dallas in 2 weeks.

DAMN!  Zarrah!  Red!  You girls gotta come visit me again!  I can smell Noel on me.    LOL      He smelled damn good!



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First the weird.  Went to a company meeting kicking off a new product today.  It was held at Minute Maid Park (Astro's baseball stadium)  And Guess who gets in the elevator with me going up to the meeting?  An exboyfriend.  What's so weird about that?  He's married now and he stares at me the whole day.  *rolls eyes*  Now I'm thinking "Thank god, I dumped him! Why the hell did I date that guy?" LOL  Sometimes we can't control what our hearts want at the time, huh?

Now the fabulous?  It's still to come.  I'm on may way in about an hour to drool over the fabulous Men Of LeBare!  Yes, I'm becoming a male stripper Ho.  It's wonderful. The great thing about this place, is that you can go and hang out with girlfriends, watch mostly naked men and not be hit on by dirty old men.  What more could you ask for?  Oh... Tyler is going to be dancer number 14 tonight.  That means he'll be the next to the last guy to dance, so guess I'll be out really late. LOL    Gotta get me some of that.  Hi-Ho lapdance!  Wish me luck that I don't chicken out.

Much love and hugs to [ profile] zarrah04 and  [ profile] shasi_maopp. I'll give Tyler and Mr. Red Drawers your love. *wink*  Wish you girls were going to. :(


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I had a dream last night about a guy I haven't seen in 17 years!  His name is Edward and he is from Australia.  He was part of my group of friends and when we all went our separate ways, I never saw him again.  Funny how someone (who I didn't even date) still comes to mind after so many years.  I decided to upload some of my boys from the 80's into my LJ gallery just because when I pulled Edwards picture out, there the boys were, just staring at me begging to be remembered.

Boys from the 80's

Clicking on the thumbnails will pull the picture up as well as a description I have put on each one.

Hope it brings a smile to my friends who know me now.  I was kinda freaky back then but god, I had my pick of guys.  Funny how when you get old and fat, pickin's are slim. LOL


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April 26th - Tuesday

Me and Spicy got up and took a bus out to Warwickshire to go see Warwick castle.  It was a pleasant enough bus ride and it was cheap especially considering a one way trip in the bus was 4 pounds and the 2 minute cab ride to the station was 3 pounds. LOL

Here are the pics for the castle.  Sorry some of them suck but we couldn't use flash inside the State rooms and my digital camera is fairly new so I hadn't learned how to change the shutter speed yet. LOL

Warwick Castle

Will get the next few days and nights up maybe tonight.  You'll especially want to hear about our initial lodgings in London.  Can you say industrial park? LOL


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Happy Birthday [ profile] eyesthatslay!

Hope you had a lovely birthday with lots of cake and prezzies! *hugs*

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Okay... I've written up my little travel log up until after the Coventry gig.

This is mostly my travel experiences and only a little James related.  Most of my best James Experience is in this post.  So, If that's all you want to read about then don't bother reading these. LOL  Included in this post are pictures of Coventrys cathedral, St. Marys Guildhall and pictures of fellow fans that I hung out with at one point or another. LOL


Shopgirl tours Coventry )










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All about me Meme that I gakked off of [profile] drusplace .  She didn't even ask me to complete it (*sniffle*) but I thought it was something to kill time before I go to bed... again. LOL

More than you really wanted to know about me Meme )

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Happy Birthday [ profile] drusplace!

Hope you have a wonderful day with all the cake and prezzies you can handle!


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Happy Birthday [ profile] awmp!

Hope you had a lovely birthday and weren't too hung over the next day. ;) *hugs*

Happy Birthday [ profile] spikesloveslave !

Hope you had a wonderful day filled with lots of cake and prezzies. :)

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Hello friends.  I'm back from from my trek across the pond.  There are good things and ugly things to retell all of which I will get to another night.    I have many pics to down load when I'm feeling less dead on my feet. LOL

Many thanks to all who let me know my icons were being stolen and hotlinked.  This is one of those cases where ignorance is not bliss..

[ profile] sheribratI have a lovely shotglass for you and will get it mailed when I wake up. LOL


[profile] _nic

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Wow! It's that time already!  I'm off to London today.  I've joked with CarolM over at MM/MTS that the UK will end up kicking me out because of my heavy Texas accent. LOL  She assures me that they won't kick me out but that I will probably have to repeat myself alot.  I do that anyway, so no big deal.

Still nervous that I'm going to crash into the ocean and drown but surprisingly today, as I pack my last few toiletries, I'm getting less nervous.  Let's hope I feel this way when my flight takes off in Chicago. LOL

It's awful sad that I haven't even finished my con reports from Houston, but I'm off on another adventure already.  But I promise when I get back to at least post pics ASAP.  I plan on using all 400 I have available on my digital. LOL

Well, my lovelies. I shall talk to you all again on May 3rd. 

*hugs* And don't do anything really exciting until I get back. LOL  I hate missing the good stuff.

P.S. I am no longer in love with Richard Zeeman.  I'm now totally infatuated with Nathaniel. LOL


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Happy Birthday [profile] evenstar_estel !

Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of cake & prezzies!

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 I had a request at MM to repost this download since the previous had expired. 

Just in case anyone here missed it, here it is.  The song is called "For What I Need" and it is the 5th track on his new cd "Civilized Man".  If you haven't ordered one, then do it now!




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Happy Birthday [profile] spikes_sway !

Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of cake & prezzies!

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Happy Birthday [ profile] zarrah04 !

Because you can never see too much of him )

icon post

4/13/05 10:44 pm
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Okay. This is an assorted lot of icons. A majority of them were icon challenge entries or discards from different challenges.
Hope yall like them. :}


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This is my pre-con report.  All that fun stuff leading up to the convention.

Thursday -Friday )

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