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April 26th - Tuesday

Me and Spicy got up and took a bus out to Warwickshire to go see Warwick castle.  It was a pleasant enough bus ride and it was cheap especially considering a one way trip in the bus was 4 pounds and the 2 minute cab ride to the station was 3 pounds. LOL

Here are the pics for the castle.  Sorry some of them suck but we couldn't use flash inside the State rooms and my digital camera is fairly new so I hadn't learned how to change the shutter speed yet. LOL

Warwick Castle

Will get the next few days and nights up maybe tonight.  You'll especially want to hear about our initial lodgings in London.  Can you say industrial park? LOL


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I had a dream last night about a guy I haven't seen in 17 years!  His name is Edward and he is from Australia.  He was part of my group of friends and when we all went our separate ways, I never saw him again.  Funny how someone (who I didn't even date) still comes to mind after so many years.  I decided to upload some of my boys from the 80's into my LJ gallery just because when I pulled Edwards picture out, there the boys were, just staring at me begging to be remembered.

Boys from the 80's

Clicking on the thumbnails will pull the picture up as well as a description I have put on each one.

Hope it brings a smile to my friends who know me now.  I was kinda freaky back then but god, I had my pick of guys.  Funny how when you get old and fat, pickin's are slim. LOL



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